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Mangawhai Beach School Uniform Hats

hi all

As you may well be aware the hat enforced by the MBS uniform policy is a black bucket hat.

However while these hats exceed well in protecting the wearer from the sun a vast majority of the school's pupils find these hats extremely unfashionable. but not only are these hats highly tedious and embarassing to wear, students feel that they are ill-designed due to the fact that their colour ( black ) becomes highly irritable while worn in the sun's presence.

So,... whats your view on the temporary uniform hat?

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thanks, waveriders

Waveriders introduction

Mangawhai Beach School is located within the Serene east-coast of Northland, New Zealand. The school provides an excellent learning environment and portrays a versatile combination of repect and perseverance.

12 senior students were selected from the school's evergrowing roll to represent the pupils as student leaders. these students were picked for their certain abilities that enable them to be responsible and respectful leaders.

These pupils are named 'the Waveriders'.

Us Waveriders would like to present and display our achievements, events and ideas to you through our blog page. Feel free to provide us with your ideas,

The Waveriders